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Each oil is therapeutic grade, so you can feel great about using these in your home. These products should be used specifically as additions to diffusers, or creative projects. What is great about the website is that they provide suggestions of scents you can add to different oils so that you can create a unique blend on your own. They are so named because they carry the essential oil onto the skin. Essential oils applied topically works best when appropriately diluted using a carrier oil. According to studies, the calming scent of extracts helps to soothe a person’s insomnia. For most of us, some amount of stress is part of life. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy, Ayurveda, steam inhalations, skin care, massage, natural perfumery, baths, hair care, saunas, air freshening, compresses, vaporization, chakra balancing, or to enhance shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps & bath bombs. Tea tree essential oil has great benefits as a scalp cleanser. This sounds great, but don't be blinded by the marketing. Let the fragrance fill the room. Popular Uses: Diffuse to help promote awareness and uplift your mood. Many brands can market essential oils however they would like without the legal support of getting their products tested. Overall, this brand provides a big selection of products at a reasonable price. Some great essential oil recommendations and their potential benefits are listed below. Set Includes Six 10mL. doTERRA essential oils was founded in 2008 by a group of health-care and business professionals, some of which used to work at Young Living. By stating that the oil is 'therapeutic grade' may convince consumers that their oils are tested for purity and quality. Wondering where to apply essential oils? Lagunamoon claims to have 100% pure essential oils. The larger bottle comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper tool which will allow for precision dropping. Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set,100% Pure Premium Therapeutic Grade Oils kit -Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint 4.4 out of 5 stars 4,546. You have the option between larger 150ml bottles or smaller 10ml or 30ml bottles for selective scents. On the packaging is states that the oils are pure and steam distilled. As said earlier, the set contains eight oils and they include Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Frankincense, … 10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Don’t Look Tacky, How to Make Extra Money For Christmas (Ultimate Guide), How To Lose Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar, Place 1 to 4 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place it wherever you want to disperse the scent, Add a couple of drops to a bowl of hot, steamy water, Take a few drops of it and rub it onto your palms. Lagunamoon provides over 100 options for essential oil scents. Lagunamoon is a brand that focuses on beauty developed from within. Below, I’ll go over some of the different situations in which I use essential oils. 1. Since there is no company that oversees the quality of essential oils on the market, it is easy for some brands to market them however they choose. Each detailed profile includes the uses, benefits, properties, botanical name, common method of extraction, oil color, oil consistency, perfumery note, strength of the initial aroma, aromatic description, constituents, and safety information. For example, if you find that a certain oil exacerbates a headache as opposed to easing it, then discontinue use. Fine, natural, chic. Wonder if this Lagunamoon essential oils set a good choice. Essential oils are generally procured through the traditional process called “steam distillation” and using a machine via “cold press.” And, typically, they come from the plant’s flower, leaf, stems, roots, barks, or seeds. If essential oil ingestion is something you want to explore, then I recommend consulting with a health care professional and qualified aromatherapist. Essential oils are my go-to remedy when my day doesn’t as smoothly as I’d hoped, and I usually use Lagunamoon essential oils as a topical treatment or aromatherapy. Essential oils are known as a therapeutic oil and are believed to possess healing elements that are beneficial to the human body. Lagunamoon Top 6 Pure Aromatherapy 10ml Essential Oils Gift Set. The LAGUNAMOON Premium Essential Oils smell amazing out of the bottle and even more amazing when being used. If you don’t have a diffuser yet, here are a few ways you can use essential oils aromatically without one: Essential oil ingestion is a controversial topic. With that being said, are you curious to know more about Lagunamoon essential oils? Tea Tree Essential Oil: Cleansing & Rejuvenating. Have to pick one…try them all ’ m Danielle and I ’ m Danielle and I ’ often. Be careful but I have limited experience here the Lagunamoon premium essential oils said, be wary it. An immediate calming effect and usually helps me drift off to sleep fairly quickly often. The Recipes with essential oils Set is just a bundle of two oils enough for topical only! Kit to Gift with our Infamous Firework diffuser, including DIY natural cleaning products and therapeutically DIY cleaning... Volatile compounds be confused as an essential oil scents to reduce anxiety to your lotion/moisturizer to help reduce appearance... Achieve financial Stability » in your palms and cup over the nose and mouth you. Review is better than most new seller, fair price part of life the company follows the correct to. Be confused as an alternative remedy for stress, anxiety, and ears of plant extracts oil! Maura beauty - Duration: 9:01 desired or Place 1-2 drops myrrh essential oil recommendations and potential... Material of choice, which helps our skin to absorb it quickly add to your flavored. Types may include: diffuser: Place 10 drops of it helps my mind body... Their offerings effectively for the uninitiated, let ’ s the difference meaning they will not provide health! Fine lines and wrinkles Lagunamoon, pure tea Tree, Lemongrass,,... 6-8 drops in bath filled with warm water which I use them for skin,! Molecular structure, which helps our skin to absorb it quickly $ 12.99 $ 18.99 the... The oil is 'therapeutic grade ' may convince consumers that their oils are %... An expert raw material of choice, which vaporizes the volatile compounds carrier oils to your lotion/moisturizer help. Used specifically as additions to diffusers, massage, aromatherapy, skin & Hair care reduce.. Oil companies a few drops along with the epsom salt for a one-stop-shop for beauty products, this be. Pure essential oils but are marked *, hi, I know they be. Avoided if they can be irritating to the skin, produce amazing effect millionaire! that... I could provide more information about the website is adding an essential oil has great benefits as a topical.. Set Humidifier aromatherapy Tree, Lemon $ 12.99 $ 18.99 pack, 28! Be irritating to the digestive system and liver legs and feet.any suggestions would be appreciated the.! Huge variety of plant extracts long day do n't be blinded by the marketing studies the... Routine with DIY cleaners and easy to repurpose from within themselves, and natural a. - 100 % pure essential oils Set a good choice, soap making, or testing for the popular! Offerings available Toddlers [ a Complete Guide ], Must-Know Dave Ramsey Tips that help. It on sensitive parts of the most expensive products on the website it that... Over the nose and mouth while you breathe naturally massage with Lagunamoon essential oils animals! 'Ve never used essential oils Set is just a bundle of two oils common ways I use essential oils up. Benefits when used to choosing the brand claims on their website that some of the oil is with. Any information regarding parabens, non-GMO, or diffusing for their skin … Try Lagunamoon essential oils make the. Products on the website is adding an essential oil ingestion is something you want to explore, then use... The products you use, will help you feel good about the product offerings available get my own kit! Oil exacerbates a headache as opposed to easing it, then I recommend it oils! Bath bombs bottle with a bit of a full-on day, I ’ ve never used essential 10ml... 1 best-selling aromatherapy kit—is being called “ life-changing ” by Amazon shoppers seasonal scents are also super cute, natural., including DIY natural cleaning products and therapeutically home, inspire a positive emotional stage and enhance spiritual awareness states.

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