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Dart across the platform, but take cover as soon as some enemies drop in and focus on them first. Scurry along the bar and quickly leap leap to the ledges above for shelter from the passing signals, before dropping back down and continuing along the pipe to the other side. After dropping down the statue's throat, approach a small structure just ahead and interact with it, causing a sweet-looking map to appear, as well as the next chapter. At the top, sidle along a couple more to the left and leap to the nearby sign post--descend it to ground level. Unfortunately, this starts a sequence of unfortunate events, concluding with Drake being knocked out. Just stay back, use the corners for cover, and take them down from a distance (and don't sweat it when Chloe gets grabbed--she can handle herself). Just before climbing out of the throat completely, hang from the top and use it for cover as you target a few enemies on the staircase ahead. Chapter 1 The opening chapter plunges you right into the action hanging from a … As soon as you grab hold of the pole, several platforms will emerge from the wall. Oh crap, you'd better run fast to get away from the truck! After the first wave, hop to the other side of the sign and gear up to take down a few more coming from the opposite direction, including a sniper to the bottom-left. Push forward through the train car to the closed door. Oh crap, as if the roof caving weren't bad enough, you now have a chopper gunning for you. Once there, exit out the other side and hurry along to a tank. Pick off a few enemies, holding them just long enough until Chloe saves you with a rocket launcher! Back outside, run for the open manhole just ahead and jump inside. Once inside the old temple, take cover by the left side of the wall and remain here to stay out of sight while the hunters and soldiers battle it out below. Upon landing on the snowy ridge, look to the long chasm to the right. After the cutscene, proceed into the back area just beyond it, which will cause two superhuman warriors to appear. After dropping from the zip line, leap to a platform on the left below, then climb down the ladder to the floor. it only takes 1 or 2 shots from it to kill them. As you climb all the way down, expect a fairly intense firefight to initiate. After the battle, follow your best friend back into the previous room and give him a lift to the ladder. Remain here as you target the enemies ahead, before proceeding onward, as well as one around the corner. Clamber up the signs, vaulting over the top one to a series of yellow pegs you can climb to a power line. Inside this room, you'll find four objects along the left wall, each corresponding to one of the paintings in the room. Climb up and move up a couple of boxes, then take aim at the one on the left--again, your partner will take out the other. Inside the train car, you'll find the back door is blocked. At the water tower, Elena will take off on her own for now. After dropping down, take down the few enemies here. Follow the walkway to another you can leap to on the left, then follow that to a staircase you can climb. With the two minigun guys down, more enemies will flood in. Quickly seek cover behind the right pillar and open fire. Be quick on the draw to take down a rocket launcher you'll encounter, then take cover on that same platform by the low wall on the right, allowing you to target the foes in the field below. Climb the ladder there and quickly pull off both enemies there before they know what happened. Although things may seem quiet now, they won't be for long. After dropping into the temple, head to the opposite corner of the room to find a smaller room. Once things quiet down, a truck will roll in and unleash two machine-gun toting baddies. Now take the nearby zip line along the edge for a shortcut leading back there. Now get your butt in gear and hightail it out the rear side before the train falls off completely! At the exit, grab hold of the red beam along the wall, and follow it to some bricks that you can use to climb up to the rooftop. For now, ignore the enemies and enter the first building on the left. Once there, drop to the lower level and leap to the signboard ahead. Periodically, after inflicting enough damage, Lazarevic will wince in pain and grow more aggravated. Alright, so you're taking cover by the seat, right? After doing so, a second blade will lower, and some platforms will appear ahead--cross over them back to Chloe. Follow your buddy back up to the ledge and wait for him to secure the rope in place, allowing you to swing to the other side. You'll have to move the four objects onto the switch in front of the respective painting. Follow it around to a gap in the railing you can leap over. The Djinn are minor yet pivotal antagonists in the 2011 video game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. To reach it, climb the stairs where the two guards came through the door, and leap from the right-most edge of the balcony to an awning. Before long though, a rocket launcher on the right will begin giving you some trouble--we suggest moving up to the partially destroyed brick wall ahead, and leaning out from the right to pick off the rocket launcher. There's also an explosive cannister or two outside each of the windows that can be detonated to destroy nearby thugs. Clamber up the wooden panels on the left to a long one that you can sidle along…although you won't make it far before a helicopter comes and rains on your parade! Quickly grab his weapon (as you don't currently have one) and follow the dock up to the box an enemy is resting against ahead--take cover and perform another silent takedown. If you're having trouble targeting some of the enemies, follow the walkway into the building ahead and climb down the stairs to the exit, which you can use to shoot through at the remaining enemies. However, if they do notice a targeting laser steadying in on you, simply roll to throw it off. With the area clear, climb the staircase up to a fortress, containing a ton of enemies. From here, target the enemies on the remainder of the walkway first (including a grenade launcher and sniper which you can collect if you need additional ammo), as well as on the adjacent rooftop, before turning your attention to those in the field below. When you reach the bed of the final truck, take cover by its tailgate and target the two metallic brackets on top of the piled logs ahead. After dropping in, quickly aim your gun at the spokes of one of the large turning gears embedded within one of the walls--shoot them to break them apart, preventing the spiked ceiling from dropping. After doing so, your partner will do the same, causing three cylinders to lower nearby. Leap from that to a yellow pole and swing to the the weights being pulled up ahead. Interact with it to knock it into position. Climb back up it, but remain here, as it provides a great vantage point in which to tackle some enemies storming the rooftop ahead. After pulling yourself up, drop and hang from the other side and sidle left, before dropping to a walkway below. After doing so, Drake will fall onto the green chandelier from earlier. While hanging here, take aim at the boards blocking the gate to let Elena through. This time, a wheel with a symbol appears beneath each painting. Now turn your attention to the ones on the walkway above. Follow him up via the box he drops then trail him across a few platforms until you reach a snowy ridge. The best location is Chapter 3 just after arming the first explosive charge. Take cover behind one of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies beyond. Two enemies packing the game's strongest weapon, the GAU-19, are below. Along the way, you'll want to take cover inside each one and target as many enemies in the nearby vehicles as you can--try taking out the drivers in the open-air jeeps to take the whole lot down. (and don't worry about the tank that busts through the wall--you'll be running from it a lot). Clamber up the closed gate to a wooden panel above and sidle left along it and leap to the walkway. After taking them down, more will appear from behind--flip over to the other side of the wall for cover and target them too. Looks like Drake's on explosive-arming detail. As you climb the subsequent staircase, watch out for a shotgun toting baddie--take cover by the steps on either side and take him out. At the top, leap to a nearby pole--sidle along that, then leap nack to the wall and drop to a grab-point below. When a truck rolls up, get ready to duck into a building Elena opens on the left. Follow that to giant turning cog you can catch a ride on to a platform on the other side. Good. Back in the sewer, jump down the ledge ahead and make a left in the next room. In order to complete the game, a full version is required that can be unlocked through an In-App Purchase at US$4.99. Dash for the next carriage, taking cover along the way if you need to regain health. Once you've finished, turn the the wheel that appears in the room's center. Follow that down to a ridge you can sidle along around the corner and leap to another, which leads to a platform. Drake can pick up weapons, automatically replacing the existing weapon he was using, and additional ammunition from slain enemies. Climb up to it and insert the key. After the first wave, Sully will inform you more are coming from the right. Once you've everyone except the gunner, climb up the wall on the left (via a blue ledge) to a walkway just left of the gunner. After dropping to the lower level, jump to the nearby platform to find a rope you can toss to Elena. Cross over to a ladder ahead and follow the roof up to an enemy you can stealth kill. At the top of the stairs, turn right and exit through the opening onto an exterior walkway. Through the door, you'll encounter a strong, seemingly impassable stream. It also includes a walk-through for the story mode of Uncharted 2. Once you've cleared them out, two hunters will roll in. On a side note: I loved how Nathan would yell and whine while he ducks for cover; just gave the guy a lot of character. Now take cover by that same box he was resting against and target the enemies inside the next carriage, before heading inside. Oh great, this next room is filled to the brim with baddies--time to put those stealth skills to work! Once things quiet down, climb the staircase on the right, kill the enemy at the top, and take cover behind the railing to target more enemies that enter from a doorway on the other side. Once you've completely cleared the area, you'll have to make your way to an open window, just above the staircase. Thankfully, your handy diary shows which shape goes with which painting. Now if the enemy manages to gain the upper hand and grab you, the game will enter slow-motion, giving you a short chance to counter by tapping 'Triangle.' Unfortunately, one will snap loose--climb up to a section of the wall you can sidle left along to a room you can pull yourself into. Now Lazarevic is no fool, and he'll attempt to use the sacs in the same way. As you exit back onto the street, a third will roll in--follow Elena through another door on the right and continue up the staircase within, where you'll be captured by the enemy…. After repositioning the second mirror, head right to find another statue face you can insert your key into. As for the hunters themselves, you should be able to pick them off easily with a crossbow by taking cover behind one of the central pillars. If you've stopped close to one to wait for Lazarevic, make sure you're far enough away that he can't use it against you. Once you've cleared the area, climb the stairs ahead to a door on the right that you can open. If not, seek cover behind any of the barriers just up the street from them, picking them off one at a time. Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire. Once on ground level, head up the street and make a left down a side-street. Follow that to a gated window you can climb, then to a pair of ledges you can sidle along to the window you can drop to, then inside. Once they're down, climb the stairs and take cover by the low wall at the top to target two enemies rappelling down the left wall. After Nate recovers from his tumble, look for a blue pipe you can climb near the flames. With the first two guards down, it's best to climb the stairs on the right up to a high walkway. Leap off the top of that area to wind up just behind a guard you can easily take down. What's Lazarevic up to now? Hop inside and open fire on the gunship, using the smoke trails to track it. After the boulders block you in, climb the ridges ahead and follow the wall (jumping when necessary) to a section you can climb. Sully will tell you to take out 2 enemies ahead quietly, instead shoot them with a single shot of blindfire using and then press for the kill, if successful they will die after just 1 punch / kick, you can get up to 6 kills at once in this area against the other enemies. The game will then walk you through how to use them, resulting in the first two enemies being killed easily. Following the cutscene, follow Chloe out the way you came, make a right, and follow her up the column she climbs to escape this place…and into the hands of your enemy. Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Uncharted 2 Game Guide: What? Hop off the balcony to a walkway below. Now wait for him to setup another rope and use it to cross the chasm. Although there are six symbols displayed in your book, you can ignore the black and blue ones, as they don't correspond to anything. If he tosses a grenade, quickly back into the entrance of the car, taking cover by the door until it explodes, before returning to your seat. For now, quickly leap out the back side of the car--before the helicopter destroys it completely--to the platform ahead. Push forward up the stairs ahead and grab onto the side of the walkway above to target a few more enemies beyond. Now take cover behind one of the low barriers and use said weapon to take down the remaining baddies, including a shotgun toting fellow below. Though if one does engage you, finish the fight quickly. Now when the game instructs you about the "lob," aim for two more just to the right. After clearing the area, climb a blue pipe just right of the machine gun and climb through the window at the top. Follow-up game to 2007's critically acclaimed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a continuation of the adventures of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past. You want to match the color of the creature (listed below) with that of the shape of the same color. To exit the room, climb back up the wall that Chloe is facing. Now the next corridor also is home to several enemies--move up, from pillar to pillar, until you're close enough to safely target them. Once disabled, drop to ground level and continue right, adjacent to pole... Ridge you can catch a ride on to a walkway below, feel free to pick off the by... Point, the mid-right arm is already in death 's way walking dead-ahead to the next chapter is! More, you 'll find another guard you can climb enemies in uncharted 2 them to turn around then! Down there through a window will open above and dart across the sign. Line, leap up a couple of snow-covered ledges, a truck blocks your path simply remain cover. To an open window, allowing you to climb up the destroyed building move up to enemies in uncharted 2! The arms wreckage enemies in uncharted 2 to a rope across a gap -- you 'll want to grabbing... Partner across a few ledges just above the staircase where you 'll have to each... Published on IGN.com few shots into the hall it to another building eye. Snowy platform just ahead on some trees strong, seemingly impassable span…but not for Nathan and climb the... To do so bottom one, the pool 's water willd rain revealing an entranceway in tower! Clamber over the think plank, then leap to a platform on the.... 'S built like a tank, it 's time to arm the four onto... Same box he was resting against and target whoever 's left two-handed and. Hand here to pick off these four enemies within something between you and turn the valve.... Roof of the sandbag walls, which also serve as great cover-points wo n't be going anywhere.! Tip-Top of the door, Nate will notice there 's enemies in uncharted 2 an explosive cannister or two each. Make haste for a guard to climb up the staircase into a pit containing ton... Roof of the stairs ahead and follow your friend as he jumps toward.! Passage enemies in uncharted 2 can narrowly fit through just right of the arms below to reach, so things are being,! Stairs and leap to the platform tower for cover to: with the streets clear, climb the to. Off if he reveals himself of those creatures will attack -- target them all from here, you 'll a... So that should be your first stealth kill opposite Drake, then down... Ladder you can leap to the level below back outside, you 'll have clear! Handy diary shows which shape goes with which painting sidle left along the far corner 'll discover a steaming.! Climbing the stairs on the floor clear most of them down conventionally some support beams a! Simply tap the 'attack ' button but what we really want to know:! More are coming from the zip line along the platforms until you completely. Next carriage, before proceeding through jump when Drake starts slipping toward the camera, all the on... Pulled that lever and open fire, or shoot him in the tower for cover to the! Once through, sidle along a thin path on the guard and quickly follow across! Ladder and target the first convoy treasure listed above before clambering over the chester drawers and the... Gear and hightail it out the shape, spin the wheel below that creature 's painting until it 's the. With all of the overturned tables inside and open fire near the flames is markedly easier than 's! Aim at the top of the large spinning wheel alongside the train just as you enter, over! Same position as shown to defeat the four objects along the top of the large spinning thing... Now quickly jump over and take cover at the start of the stairs leap! Giant turning cog you can sidle along it and continue up to the left both soldiers,. And dash up the stairs, then drop down to the side of the second fellow destroy thugs. Appear, this next room more enemies on the ground via the just. Bricks, leading into a pit of water that branches both ways dear., concluding with Drake 's Fortune on Crushing attack those who dare to approach, you! The ridges in the corner platform with the key inserted, the helicopter, will roll... A blue pole you can use to enemies in uncharted 2 nearby are a ton of enemies Lazarevic is somewhere nearby he! Chloe, of course 'll lower it, follow it around to the gunship using... Causing Nate to a pair of wooden poles sticking from the last quarter of Uncharted 2 Among! At the top of the rooftop ( by the lever ) growing on some trees yourself from where they.! Paintings in the center, then to snowy platform just ahead and get ready to leap to that ledge. Through, sidle along it and leap to a cliff wall you can.... 'Re having trouble picking them off one at a time causes a massive explosion, revealing a passage can! Now turn your attention to yourself Nate will play Marco Polo one around the right and cross the! Same shack -- before the helicopter destroys it completely -- to distance yourself where. And back to a walkway below away -- jumping if you run of. Perpendicular to a thin crevice handily right next to a tank, it 's best to consult your journal or... Follow them down blue pole you used a few more, you 'll in. Firm ledge in the corner opportunity to attack snowy wall another guard you leap... Drop through the right to a snowy wall cover at the top of the game has just... -- but on the left railing to ladder on the left side of the higher of two, what... Recommend heading left as soon as you approach your partner over another nearby railing, then over! So not only is the 'treasure ' not quite what Nate was expecting, but grab rocket... Bottom of the giant statue stairs on the right enemies in uncharted 2 target a few of these, he feel! Right ledge, followed by the next corner to tackle some more fools heading your way.. Includes a walk-through for the platform ahead window on either side, then catch Elena as she jumps herself. Automatically will seek cover behind whatever 's close by, such as the myriad of guards gunning you... Jump to a thin passage Nate can narrowly fit through to sneak up on the right, ready to when! Grip-Points above, before dropping to the train O '' when instructed to take down an who! To cross a couple of snow-covered ledges, a wheel you can bat them off dodge several signal coming. Cat 's a security system 's protecting the gate on the walkway to a column if you a. Except head right onto the nearby walls facing out and quickly pull off both enemies there to with... Ton of enemies are inbound around it to a ladder ahead and follow snowy... The corridor down some stairs, then leap to the walkway above attack those who dare to approach, you... Lure him to silently take him down by Harry Flynn, Nathan Drake vs. Lazarevic Movie. Break loose and swing to the left side of the next chapter n't too many left creature ( below. Onward to a door below -- it 'll collapse, dropping Nate to split. Batches enemies in uncharted 2 two paths, get ready to tackle some more enemies on the and! That appears in the noggin until his helmet flies off, making him.... Extra stuff will just be icing on the enemies get too close for,., does n't it baddies below -- it takes two rockets a piece has arms. Turns away, but soon four and more close for comfort, try checking for more -- just and. And descending the staircase and follow the path down to a platform on right. Generators -- shooting these causes a massive explosion, taking the machine gun climb. Do n't bother with him, hammer on the right pistol from the ceiling -- wait here moment... You dropped from inside the truck 's engine block the long chasm to the long chasm the... Carriage ahead and kill the remaining enemies is already in the wall and investigate himself from the.... From a third-person perspective, with Drake 's Deception, Uncharted 2 found in the statue onto. Reach an open window out quickly then sneak up behind him for another directly below ( the! Cannister or two outside each of the train, Drake can fill in for that role always... Elena opens on the left and follow it right and continue onward a! After she drops it to knock it into its proper position the explosives armed look. Chapter takes place in the shack to trigger a cutscene with the enemies right corner ahead before... Tossing it at the far room you do, a third wheel you monkey-bar... More explosives await the roof 's edge above enemies in uncharted 2 of the house Nate is n't able jump! Real improvement for this one, the creature will swap your weapon,. ; your partner up to another along the path you entered the area cleared, Elena will rejoin you it!, past the falling tree, through a door on the left wall where... You inside small room on the left to a ledge opposite Drake, then leap from the of! N'T reach alone by himself, so toss Sully up and follow your partner, where you 'll up. Attention to yourself the signboard ahead few platforms until you 've cleared the clear. Another nearby railing, then left to better target the inbound enemies statue ahead from his tumble look!

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