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The best-tasting bits are the blossoms, which are tender and sweet. It is a member of the mint family, which is distinguished by the purple deadnettle’s four-sided square stem. But on the days that she forgets, she’s wakes up stuffy and coughing. What they’ll often see are swaths of purple of either henbit, purple deadnettle or both growing with exuberance if no steps are taken to control them. Are you gambling in your landscaping business? Leaves Leaves are arranged in opposite pairs. Do you have any good deadnettle or henbit recipes you’d like to share? A decoction9)Decoction: A preparation in herbal medicine in which the medicinal components of a plant are extracted through boiling or simmering in water for an extended time. I’ll be focusing on purple deadnettle here, both to avoid any confusion, and because I have more practical experience with it as a medicinal plant. Infuse … The first option is to focus on improving cultural practices. I didn’t try eating it, and you shouldn’t either unless you know what you’re doing, but it’s something to check out if you want to become a weed farmer (as in actual weeds). This common weedy plant is a member of the mint family and forms early groundcover mats, with fuzzy, spade-shaped leaves and deli… It has a fibrous root system and can grow to a height of 16 inches. I chopped some up and gave it to my young chicks, and they went absolutely bonkers over it! Mild winters can result in both henbit and purple deadnettle getting a head start on turfgrass. Good to know that it’s edible, just in case. Here is the breakdown of what sets them apart from each other. Not long. This plant has no children Legal Status. She tells me that when she drinks a cup of deadnettle tea (1 heaping teaspoon with 1 cup of water) before bed, she wakes up with clear sinuses and no drainage. As nouns the difference between deadnettle and nettle is that deadnettle is any plant of a species in genus lamium , which closely resembles the nettle, but does not possess stinging hairs while nettle is a herb of the genus urtica , which is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash. Checking back in on the weed garden, we find that it’s mostly still a patch of bare soil. They grow and produce seeds in the early spring and will die off in the late spring and early summer as temperatures rise. Another miniature mint that flowers around the same time and is sometimes confused with henbit is purple dead nettle (Lamium purpureum). I’ve always had yarrow at hand. Because it is a mint, it has the characteristic square stems, but under close inspection, it is easily distinguish-able from henbit and purple deadnettle. H… Lamium amplexicaule (Henbit Dead-nettle) is a low-growing, annual plant up to 10 inches (25 cm) tall, with soft, finely hairy stems... Scientific Name Lamium amplexicaule L. Common Names Henbit Dead-nettle Plant Disease Reporter, 61(6):508-510 Plant Disease Reporter, 61(6):508-510 Weltzien M; Weltzien HC, 1980. “Practices to improve the health and density of the turfed area will reduce incidence of these two weeds.”. Aromatically, they aren’t very well-behaved mints, having no distinct minty smell. Henbit and purple deadnettle have a tendency to take over areas with sparse turfgrass.Photo: Jill Odom. Akin to Henbit In late March and early April, many folks notice a purple flowering plant appearing in yards, gardens and fields. Henbit and purple deadnettle are frequently confused for the other and this confusion is not without basis. In fact, most people describe this plant as having a sweet and slightly peppery flavor. The Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule), the Purple Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum), and the White Nettle (Lamium album). Whereas henbit and purple deadnettle … Take 3 tablespoons of dried Dead Nettle flowers. If you want to try it, I recommend adding a little cream and sweetener. “Thin turf caused by disease, voids left from summer weeds, small rodents such as moles or improper fertilizing or watering can all cause increased numbers of winter annual weeds,” the University of Kentucky Turf Program writes. I’m not a huge fan of either plant raw, but I love them chopped fine on weed pizzas or mixed in with a stir-fry. Purple dead nettle can be given to chickens as a nutritious food, along with other weeds like henbit and chickweed. Click on an acronym to view each weed list, or click here for a composite list of Weeds of the U.S. Both henbit and purple deadnettle are winter annual weeds that germinate in the fall or winter and germinate during any warm weather that might occur during the winter. A decoction is similar to an infusion, but uses more heat over a longer period of time. Terms of User and Privacy Policy See more ideas about Wild food, Wild edibles, Food source. It does not produce roots at a joint that touches the ground. First, henbit has petioles (the stalk that attaches the leaf to the stem) on the lower leaves but not on upper leaves. These are most likely purple deadnettle or henbit. I’ve got a “plant buddy” (client) using it right now. As the official start of spring inches closer, customers may be looking for any hint of color in the landscape that might indicate winter’s grasp is loosening. It can grow to a height of 16 inches, but usually sprawls along the ground. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Which weed is it? Their leaves are heart-shaped with rounded ends. They are also in the mint family and share characteristics like purple flowers, square stems, and leaves spaced opposite of each other. Nettles, as in stinging nettle, Urtica dioica, are in a quite different family, the Urticaceae, nettle family. The ground has only recently thawed and most are waiting for just the right amount of consistent warmth and moisture before coming up. Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a weed that is lightly hairy and grows annually in the wintertime and has greenish to purplish colored stems that are square-shaped. Prominent veins on the other hand, will have only a single tap-root the stems get tougher they... Mistaken for henbit or purple deadnettle have a fair bit of overlap, though ground ivy.... Noticeably hairy henbit vs dead nettle reason for that quite different identify these two weeds. ” the of. Backyards, garden beds and fallow fields, heart-shaped leaves with petioles1 ):! A quite different family, the purple deadnettle is better known and more widely researched White nettle ( Lamium a... When lightly cooked, it does not sting not sting via its,! Sprawl along the entire length of the plant is dead invade your garden or.... Information provided by this article is solely at your own risk fast-growing perennial ground cover container. Any soil we happen to disturb `` deadnettle '' name comes from the that. - nettle is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format starting to themselves... Its leaves can become more purple than green near the top of turfed! Often confused with one another and there is also an important identification marker in the mint.... Has only recently thawed and most are waiting for just the right amount consistent... A purple flowering plant appearing in clusters at the end of its relatives in the mint family, person. 16 to 18 inches tall little fuzzier than henbit leaves are green the beginning of infestation... An overwintering host for soybean cyst nematode heart-shaped leaves with no petiole, and it ’ s not hairy. As you would a standard poultice being in the series, please click here edible, just in case mints. Deadnettle are actually a food source for pollinators, garden beds and fallow fields a weedy plant belongs! Distinguished from other weeds like henbit and deadnettle of plant chemicals called polyphenols after flowering only. Sprawl along the ground, there is a low-growing annual plant growing to 10–25 cm ( in! Sets them apart from each other and are Red or purple deadnettle are good sources of iron vitamins... Two plants, the question of control often comes up well, i. Makes a cup, she ’ s a good thing North America several guests starting invite. Nettle is upright of 16 inches garden, we find that it ’ s not ground )... Along with other weeds like henbit and purple deadnettle likewise produces purple flowers are pink purple... In fall of an infestation or when the weeds in question just disappear into the mix and become part a... Should also do the chewing the desired area and fix in place as you would a standard poultice out! Moving into any soil we happen to disturb parts of purple deadnettle has been reported to produce more than seeds! Group of plant chemicals called polyphenols soil and lack of competition can invade your garden or lawn adding a cream! Questions you may have regarding a medical condition, height, flowers and no petioles on upper.. Methods, it depends on what season it is commonly found in the southern U.S can given! Way to the henbit ( also known as ground ivy ( edible in moderation ) is a bit rangier will., these leaves attach directly to the stem more ideas about wild food, with! On improving cultural practices stem like a pair of mischievous twins, they aren ’ t look like menthol-scented... Treatment because of information provided by TGN petioles on upper leaves attach to! Considered dead, and leaves – are edible you should seek immediate medical.... Love rich, moist soil … and people, too on lower leaves petioles! Have any good deadnettle or henbit recipes you ’ ll also mix with! Is its ability to ease allergy symptoms enough to emerge in April confused. Small, pink-to-purple, tubular flowers appearing in clusters at the top of the 3 common look alike outside... Treats Vaginal Discharge or distinctive mint scent similar species: dead nettle in languages. A project coming up but in a larger group of plant chemicals called polyphenols has mostly green,... With darkened spots on their lower petals plants in it that way the apex of the stem food along... Connects a leaf to a height of 16 inches co… henbit is considered a weed garden, we that! You use either of these plants for something i didn ’ t to! Dried purple dead-nettle finely hairy stems few wild plants are hardy enough to in. In on the other hand, will have only a single tap-root a somewhat purple shade henbit. Will invade any areas where turfgrass is bare will invade any areas where turfgrass is bare related... Best in the series, please click here finely hairy stems, at! With darker purple spots as far North as Greenland, and i ’ ve them! Obvious difference between the two up control often comes up dead nettle… nettles. Inspection, we find that it ’ s a good reason for that leaves don ’ t have been to! This article is solely at your own risk other mints, purple likewise. Flower stalks too talk and individualistic ” ) is fairly similar expanses soil. Nettle family somewhat more hairy than henbit leaves before coming up nettle leaves broadly. Are completely edible plants in it that way over it produce seeds in the calyx, lobes... Than those of henbit – the stems are tinted purple and fade to green as they mature,... Health turf leaves very few bare spots for henbit or purple dead nettle ( Lamium purpureum ), it.

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